Dec. 25, 2022

Patreon Preview - Letters To Shadows: Part V

Patreon Preview - Letters To Shadows: Part V

To celebrate our 200,000 download milestone, enjoy this episode of Letters To Shadows, usually exclusive to our Patreon feed//

Voiced by W. Keith Tims, this particular survivor's story has left them forever more ways that one//

Letters To Shadows is our monthly exclusive Patreon miniseries. From the world of Wake Of Corrosion: These letters tell the stories of individual survivors from across the wasteland and their very personal experiences. As part of our A:12 Residents tier, you'll gain access to all previous and future episodes of Letters To Shadows//

Letters To Shadows does not affect the main story of Wake Of Corrosion. Both can be enjoyed independently from each other//

Wake Of Corrosion will be returning for Season 3//

Written and edited by Shaun Pellington

Professor Ryan voiced by Kieran Walsh

Content Warnings: violence, threat, body horror, under the skin affliction, aspects of being temporarily tramped (cocooned)//

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