April 24, 2023

Season 2 Recap

Season 2 Recap

SPOILERS - Do not listen to this if you haven't not yet finished S1 & 2 //

We recap the second season of Wake Of Corrosion //

In Season 2, we follow story of Elliot and Roman, who's unfortunate journey leads them to an enormous crater where A:12 should be. In search of answers and the brothers themselves, Claire ventures out of A:12 and discovers a long lost friend who speaks of a 'Convergence' and claims an entity has control over her. She also discovers some chilling evidence of the Andromeda galaxy having, perhaps, collided with the Milky Way. Meanwhile, back at A:12, a rift opens up in one of the corridors and threatens the safety of all those who reside there. Whilst coming to terms with this, Ryan is contacted by Niyah who claims to be acting out the will of an unknown entity, referred to as 'The Spiralling Star' //

What horrors lie ahead for our brothers and the residents of A:12? //

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