Be Very Wake

Wake of Corrosion grasps the dystopian, post-apocalyptic horror genre with a disturbingly gentle grip. It strikes a wonderful balance of suspense and character-driven storytelling with vulnerable, well-drawn leads and performances you can't ignore. Their relationships shine through. It's a delightful slow burn.


This is such a great podcast!! Interesting plot and lovely deliveries!

WOW ! Fantastic Horror Story!

🎉Absolutely 5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ WOW! If you like Horror Fiction with twists you don’t see coming? THIS IS FOR YOU. I’m a bonafide Podcast Junkie and this one is at the TOP of my list. It amazes me that People can be this creative …I just wanted to BINGE the whole Show. Each Episode ends on a cliffhanger so you NEED to hear the next episode immediately. I kept reading how good this was from #AudioDramaSunday on Twitter. I finally got to it this week after reading that S2 was starting shortly. Glad I did and now I can hardly wait for S2 !

I live in the mountains and "unwind" with this

I know its hard to relax with such tense elements but my favorite thing about audio fiction is how you basically ride on the shoulder of characters and get to experience their world that way. When I walk in the woods I listen to this and the immersive effect is fantastic all thanks to the storytelling.

Grimly Fantastic

Excellent quality, superbly immersive, uniquely mysterious and thought-provoking. This show strikes on a number of horror genres with segmented introduction to each, and a beautiful evolution from the wonderful and mundane into the horrifying and alien. I highly recommend.


The two brothers played by actual brothers is stellar, as their sibling relationship instantly feels real. The rare moments of prose are well written and descriptive. The framing narrative seems kind of like an alternate universe Fallout game, with talk of Couriers and bunkers... but i never played fallout & i enjoyed s1 immensely either way.

Keeps Me Guessing

Caught up on Season 1. Can’t wait for Season 2. The acting’s a little rough at first, but the whole thing gets better and more interesting with each episode. No idea where this is going, which is great! Hope the second season comes soon.

The Wake Of Horror...

This is terrifying... to the point of heart-stopping. The story creeps up on you - like a burglar in a thunderstorm (right after the power goes out and you don’t know where you put the candles). I find myself torn between wishing the story doesn’t EVER END... and wishing that it ends abruptly and they go home, no problem, and everything is fine and that nothing bad ever happened!

Immediately hooked

Great new show. Right from the start it grabbed my attention and joined that small group of shows that I drop what I’m doing and listen to whenever a new episode drops. The acting/production is great and keeps the mood perfectly ominous. Hope this one goes the distance!

One to watch. Er... listen to

This is definitely a show to keep on your radar. Performances are great and the story is intriguing. Check it out

Incredible New Audiodrama!

Y'all gotta check this one out! The sound design, the performances...this team has managed to build an incredible world and populated with nunace and drama. We can't recommend this enough! -The Call of the Void Team